Program Hope provides art lessons as therapy, workshops for life skills, aquatic therapy, a summer day camp and cultural activities for disabled youth, legal and social information, referrals, advocacy and a weekly food bank for abused, enslaved and exploited women. The center offers a safe space where both groups can create and lead initiatives and enhance outreach efforts. The expertise and dedication of counselors, teachers, artists, librarians, socially conscious business people and social service providers, working closely with Program Hope, guarantees that the programs are successful and effective.

Through an expanded program of supportive services, advocacy, outreach, activism and collaboration with elected officials, community groups, service providers, business and legal entities, Program Hope strives to ensure that significant progress is made towards correcting and eliminating obstacles as well as legal, governmental and social conditions that construct inequality and social injustice for these groups.

Because part of the organization is designed to serve Russian-speaking individuals, the Program is rare and fills a unique need in the geographical areas it services.  
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